Loving all the green...


After many months of drought in California, we seem to be enjoying a little respite with the very welcome occasional rain to bring everything back to life. Many of us have altered our landscapes, incorporating succulents and cactus to get through these dry times, learning from them how to live and flourish with less. I am inspired by their graphic beauty and can't seem to get enough of their many shades of green.

Turquoise, moss aquamarine and green-grey labradorite are some of my favorite stones to work with and I love how they mix with old and new brass, silver oxidized to various degrees, and the occasional touch of vermeil. In the coming weeks I'll be adding more pieces to my collection which I hope you will enjoy and want to add to your personal mix.

And for all of you who are still experiencing the depths of winter, I hope a little taste of all this lush green will get you through until Spring arrives.