Summer in Paris...


Ten unforgettable Summer days in the City of Light have me brimming with inspiration. Yes, I'm back at work in my Santa Barbara studio, but I can't seem to give up on the joie de vivre. What a delight to be out and about at all hours of the day and night and seeing people enjoying life along the River Seine, at charming cafes and in lush gardens. 

The thing I love about the French is that there is no detail too small or too large to imbue with grace and beauty. No matter if it's the simple way your sandwich is wrapped at the bakery, the way the light comes in through the louvres of the apartment, the flow of the scarf on a woman's neck as she strides down the street or the grandeur of the many monuments that are so carefully placed all over the city so they can be appreciated from near and far, everything is deliberately well designed and a thing of beauty.

I try to keep that in mind when I sit down to work in my studio, combining old materials with new, elements from near and far, things made thoughtfully by hand with the intent to endure. I look forward to sharing with you my new pieces as all this inspiration turns into beautiful jewelry. Do give a call to set up a studio visit (805/705-1802), shop my website (, browse my ERB Jewelry photos on Facebook or my ERBpics on Instagram to stay in touch.